FEDS 201 Safety Program 

Being a part of the Rochester High School Robotics team requires each team member to be aware of the proper safety precautions. As a team, we create strict safety guidelines to follow throughout build and competition seasons. To ensure the safety of our own team members and fellow competitors, we require each student and mentor in the fall preparation to complete a first aid course. Additionally we provide a manual which can be found in our team’s safety binder instructing all team members on how to properly use machines and tools in our shop. Each student team member is closely supervised by an adult mentor and safety captain. To ensure the safety of our own team and other competitors, we have safety captains to monitor the actions of ourselves and others. We expect the team members and mentors to keep themselves and each other safe in any condition possible. Our robotics team follows all of these safety guidelines and is extremely successful in our day-to-day operations. In previous seasons, we have thought ourselves as serious contenders for safety awards since we teach and watch ourselves at every new experience with one underlying thought; Is this safe?

            In 2016, our entire team was First Aid certified by the American Heart Association. In case of an emergency, multiple team members know how to take proper action to ensure that anyone who is harmed is properly taken care of until the paramedics arrive.  If or when an accident occurs, team members know to take the proper emergency measures when dealing with injuries. 

            In addition, our team is a proud owner of an AED and two fire extinguishers so that precautionary actions are taken. These items travel with our team to competitions and remain in our shop throughout build season.

Whether at a competition or here in our own shop, the injury or emergency will be reported to a mentor.  At competitions, team members will know how to take proper action if an accident occurs.  As most team members are now certified, multiple people are able to take measures into their own hands.  Due to a majority of students being certified, we are able to ensure the safety of team members and mentors.

At our competitions, our safety captian and mentors have also put together various care packages to give out to different team members, judges, and volunteers. These care packages include some basic safety equipment that would help out their team members in a case of an emergency. The equipment includes band-aids, alcohol pads, earplugs, hairties, and five different safety cards with different reminders on how to handle common injuries and accidents. 

            Through the first aid training, members are now able to help treat burns, minor wounds, sudden illnesses and multiple other health emergencies.  For step by step instructions on the various emergencies listed above, please see our team’s safety manual or our safety captain, Krithi Jaligama.